Olivier Richters on getting approached everyday for a photo. (part 12)

Ulisses Williams Jr on his personal life, Ulisses BioTecch Series, Uappareal. (part 2)

Jimmy Lewin on not wanting to compete because he thinks it's not a sport. (part 4)

Olivier Richters on making changes to his house because of his height. (part 11)

Ulisses Williams Jr on his passion for training. (part 1)

Jimmy Lewin on starting to work out to get girls & how it's possible to train with him. (part 3)

Olivier Richters on if he will pass his giantness to his childeren. (part 10)

Simeon Panda on who inspires him, strenght, competing & ''Just Lift''. (part 2)

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